About Me

About Me

Frank Verni – Top Real Estate Investor and Coach

Frank Verni believes that real estate today is the safest and fasted way to financial security when done properly. Frank offers the highest level of real estate investing, marketing and sales to help his clients secure their financial future. After speaking with thousands of people, Frank has found that the vast majority had zero net worth with no plans or knowledge on how to build a new financial future.

Frank has over 20 years of helping people buy, sell and invest in real estate successfully. As a licensed Real Estate Broker, Frank puts his knowledge and experience to work helping his clients and students to become successful in Real Estate Investments. Frank is passionate about teaching his clients how to make savvy Real Estate decisions!

One of Frank’s outstanding accomplishments was owning and running 17 mortgage offices and trained over 1000 loan officers and Realtors

Frank is currently the President of a Residential Solutions and Redevelopment Company and has done numerous transactions over the years.

Frank has appeared several times on “the Good Life” radio program in Sacramento and is currently hosting a very popular radio show called “Investor Profits Now.”  His listening audience continues to grow weekly as he shares his experience and knowledge teaching financial literacy and various real estate investing techniques and strategies for the right markets.  “Frank warns that different markets require different strategies and when you know these strategies, real estate investing can be quite profitable and fun.

One of the strategies that Frank’s listeners are excited about is how to use the bank’s money to pay off their debt including their mortgage in 1/3 the time. The show has quickly become a huge success in the Sacramento region and will soon be syndicated in other markets including Seattle, Atlanta, and Phoenix, to name a few. Frank also does live seminars in local markets and live streaming throughout the country.

Frank and his team specialize in helping people invest wisely in Real Estate to create cash flow so they can retire early. He shows his students how to buy properties, using all cash, with some some closing in two weeks or less. Frank shares his financial resources with his students who join his team.  His team enjoys the experience and success that Frank offers with all types of buying and selling scenarios and understands how to make every transaction simple and stress free offering solutions to meet the client’s needs.

Frank says this is the perfect time to invest in real estate with high rents, low inventory, quality tenants, and low interest rates. Because of the high appreciation coupled with Franks mortgage debt acceleration strategies, Frank’s clients and students are building equity and wealth at an unprecedented rate.  We are also beginning to see regulations loosen and taxes being reduced under the new administration, which will result in the real estate market continuing to be one of the best ways to leverage your money and build wealth.

The timing for an entrepreneur to create an income from Real Estate could not be better.  Frank is building a team as Co-Founder of Make Money Now Investors to launch new strategies to learn and acquire real estate.  Team members have an opportunity to create dual income, by selling, training and coaching programs while learning how to invest in Real Estate to create a secondary income.

Most Real Estate Training Programs are very expensive, somewhat pushy, full of hype, and do not offer live coaching and local mentorship from successful Real Estate Investors.  Frank believes in hands-on mentorship, affordable education and community with strong support. It is the mentorship and coaching that produces a higher student success rate.

To learn more about how you can become a successful real estate investor and work with Frank book a 30-minute free strategy session.