Want a Way to Make $10,000 a Month Wholesaling Real Estate Part Time?

Want a Way to Make $10,000 a Month Wholesaling Real Estate Part Time?


In real estate investing, the term wholesaling refers to someone who spends their time trying to locate properties with substantial investment potential. Usually, the Intent is to find properties that are distressed and selling at a discount that can be repaired or remodeled and sold for a sizable profit.

Wholesaling requires very little investment of money and time to do it, yet the income is amazing! Did you know the average income I am told in the real estate communities is $10,000 per deal throughout the United States? In California, in some cases, I have actually met people making $50,000, $75,000 and even $80,000 selling their rights to a contract to a buyer who wants to fix and flip the property for a sizable profit. As I am writing this article February 28th I am personally closing one for $30,000.00.

There are wholesalers making $10,000 to $30,000 a month consistently! To start the process you definitely need a mentor and good education. You need to learn how to find the deals, analyze the deals and write the deals, without losing money. Learning about contracts is very important here as you are dealing with legal issues. We use a “subject to” contract with an “assignment clause” in it. This allows us to control the property while we exam the property and determine its profitability. I am not an attorney or a CPA, and therefore will not be advising you on how to put your deals together.

If you are interested and looking for inexpensive and fast education I can help you with that! Just call me at 925-451-1619 for more information. If I am on the phone, which is most of the time, just leave me a message as to the best time to call you and I will be sure to get back to you.

This picture clearly demonstrates the profit potential. The more profit the higher a wholesaler would be paid for the rights to buy this property.

In this short article I will show you a very simple technique that when I learned it, blew my mind! The instructor told me to take out my mobile phone and pull up Craigslist in your hometown and look for homes for sale. Then he had us write down about 20 keywords used to find distressed properties. He broke us up into work groups and we started the process. The results were amazing! The class was “dialing for dollars” and deals were popping up everywhere.

Let’s try it. Pull out a note pad and lets make a list of keywords to find distress properties in your area:

1. Motivated
2. Price
3. Pre-foreclosure
4. Foreclosure
5. Short sale
6. REO
7. Reduced
8. Divorce
9. Probate
10. Estate
11. Relo or Relocation
12. Owner will carry
13. Fire or storm damage
14. TLC (Tender Loving Care)
15. Fixer
16. Investor Special
17. Discount
18. Bring
19. Bankruptcy
20. Damage

Now that you have a lot of leads start calling for the appointment, here is your script.
Hello, I am calling on behalf of the property located at___________________________, are you the owner?
Tell me a little about the property? Why are you selling the property? Respond, I appreciate that. If I can pay you a little more incentive and pay you the most amount of money would you sell your home to me?
Any major repairs, any additions, anything we need to know? How old is the roof, the heating unit?
Do you own your property free and clear? How much do you owe on your mortgage or how much equity do you have in your property? (Some people do not like to say how much they owe on the property.)

I would like to run some numbers and get back to you. I would like to set an appointment to follow up. When do you work? Set a time and day to meet with them in person. Have a nice evening, I’ll see you on_________________at__________________.

At the meeting you say, with all these problems what are you asking? Are you willing to give a discount with an as is all cash offer?

For a few minutes of researching and a little time on the phone you can actually make quite a bit of money. See my check below…

My partner Gary and I yielded a 100% return in 8 weeks

Gary’s Check $30,000

Frank’s Check $20,000

I am only showing you these checks because documentation trumps conversation. Our results are not typical; your income is dependent upon your knowledge and experience. There is no guarantee of income in real estate and it can be risky. This is why the education and mentorship is so important!

This one little technique will give you the opportunity to make $10,000 to $30,000 a month part time. How would you like us to mentor you personally and show you 30 other techniques to find deals and wholesale them for $10,000 to $30,000?

At the time of writing this article we just made an offer on a property given to us by one of our students, which was accepted. She made an easy $5000 wholesaling. She is a brand new trainee just starting out. What a nice little bonus check to get working part time. By the way she is averaging one a month, she is so excited that when the seller accepted our contract she found two or more deals for us to review. Through hands-on mentorship and affordable education this trainee is now on her way to become a rock star investor! Her future really looks bright. As her mentor you can imagine how proud I am of her.

Real estate does not have to be complicated! I just taught my students how to use Craigslist to find distress properties using keywords. There is no reason under the right mentorship, and with some easy on the budget education you cannot transition into a six-figure income on a part time basis in your first year.

We are not hard to find. In fact you can reach me directly by emailing me at [email protected] You can also visit our Facebook page at http://facebook.com/groups/makemoneyrealestate to watch our videos and read our testimonies.

Let’s make it really easy for you; text the word trainee to 797979 and watch our videos that we text to you. If you like what you see then fill out our questionnaire and submit it. http://questionnaireform.com I will personally get back to you and set up a time that you can share with me why you want to invest in real estate.

I hoped you enjoyed the article and I was helpful to you. Pass it on if you like it and share it with your friends. There are a lot of people who need this extra income or a career change.

Also you can opt in and get our new book soon to be released on Amazon Bird Dog Your Way To Wealth, you’ll see the offer for it on this page.

Disclaimer: We do not guarantee or make a promise of income. Even though our instructors are seven-digit income earners their income is not typical. Your success is totally dependent upon going through our courses being educated and implementing our marketing and strategic strategies. This is a highly educational program, this is not a get rich quick scheme or anything like that. This is not an MLM. Incomes are derived from selling our courses and investing in real estate.

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