W2 Job Vs. Entrepreneurism

Which path leads to wealth and security?

The path of the W2 Employee…

What most people know, yet try not to think about, is the amount of money they would have to invest to retire with security? If you desire to retire at $10,000 a month you would have to have approximately $3.5 million in your portfolio and should you desire to retire at $20,000 a month, you would have to have close to $7.0 million in your portfolio.

There are two very difficult mountains to climb to achieve this goal. One is TIME…it’s running out with a lot of Americans hitting their 50’s and 60’s. Thirty years is a long time to create $3.5 – $7.0 million in their IRA accounts. The second most difficult road is the low paying interest with today’s IRA’s and Roth’s. You would need returns on your investments to be at least 10% – 15% to pay out at $10,000 to $20,000 a month.

The path of the Entrepreneur…

I recently attended a real estate seminar and learned that 90% of the wealth created in America comes through real estate investing. I also learned that in the top 1% of income earners that 75% of them were real estate investors and business owners.

I heard testimonies where investors were buying and holding as many as 20 to 90 properties that they acquired over 2 -3 years to achieve a $10,000 to $20,000 a month positive cash flow. Of course this brought up questions of managing those properties and the debt they were carrying on their rentals. Their network provided a list of reputable property managers and then they revealed a strategy I never heard of.

To my surprise, they revealed a brilliant strategy of selling half of their properties in 3 to 7 years, taking the equity and paying off the debt to the remaining properties. This got my attention and made so much sense with the time we are living in, the shortage of properties and rents and prices going up.

Secondly, was their cash recovery strategy where they were actually taking advantage of over 400 tax deductions? I heard several testimonies shared were they were making remarkable incomes, however only paying 10% -15% taxes.

One lady stood up and told us as a nurse her tax deductions added to 53% on her check and this is why she was tired of working for the government and was starting a career in real estate investing.

In summary the real estate investor hit their retirement goals in 3 – 7 years vs. the W2 employee taking 30 years with low returns. Then to own debt free properties with cash recovery strategies where the investor kept most of his/her monies seems a much better path to me.

Here are some facts…

  •  90% of the wealth created in America is through real estate
  • Of the top 1% of earners, 75% comes from real estate investing and business ownership
  • Real Estate Investors and Business Owners pay less taxes
  • The time it takes to accumulate wealth and security is light years shorter

Consider your path and reflect…is time working against you or for you. Real Estate Investing requires no RE license, doesn’t care about your credit, and you need none of your own money to invest.

We have young trainee’s right now earning incomes of $10 – $30K a month while learning how to become a Top Real Estate Investor.

To learn more about investing in real estate and earning an income as you learn how to invest you can inquire here and I will send you the details about our company.

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If you want to talk to me personally about building a successful career in real estate, learning how to become free financially then schedule some time with me just click the 30 minute strategy session button.  It’s free and I’d love to hear from you.

P.S. Financial Independence is easier than you think. Make sure you stop by the home page and read my article about Robert Kiyosaki before you leave.

Disclaimer: We do not guarantee or make a promise of income. Even though our instructors are seven-digit income earners their income is not typical. Your success is totally dependent upon going through our courses being educated and implementing our marketing and strategic strategies.

This is a highly educational program, this is not a get rich quick scheme or anything like that. This is not an MLM. Incomes are derived from selling our courses and investing in real estate.

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